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Underprotection is a Danish brand based in Copenhagen and founded in 2010. The purpose of the company is to create underwear styles that makes you feel fabulous, loungewear you want to wear all week and swimwear that makes you dream about vacation and summer.
"Our biggest goal is to show that fair fashion made in sustainable fabrics do not have to be boring or less fashionable, it can be combined and we do our best to show that it’s possible"


Fleurette Body

100 €

Stina Swimsuit

135 €

Monica Bra

54 €

Heather Body

95 €

Kelly Bikini Hipsters

60 €

Kelly Swimsuit

162 €

Stina Bikini Top

60 €

Charlene Bra

55 €

Babette Briefs

40 €

Amanda Red Shirt

115 €

Leonora Bralette

55 €