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Rendl is a swimwear label based in Vienna since 2013 when it was known as Veronica Dreyer (The brand changed the name in 2018). The brand stands for minimalistic, modest design and sustainable ideals regarding design, material and production - all sourced and produced in Europe. The range of the label expands on a regular basis and consists of consecutively numbered swimsuits and bikinis — starting with Swimsuit No. 1. The main design focus of the label though lies in creating swimsuits that empower woman, make them feel comfortable and confident wearing them - at the pool, the beach or as tops for day and night.



Bikini No.2

130 €

Swimsuit No.15

160 €

Pants No.4

130 €

Top No.4

80 €

Swimsuit No.8

150 €

Swimsuit No.10

170 €