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Marika Vera


Marika Vera

Marika Vera was established in 2010 as a luxurious lingerie brand, designed by stylist and fashion designer Marika Vera. My hand made silk lingerie was sold in small boutiques in London, LA, NYC and Sidney since season one. However I continued to work in the advertisement industry as a fashion stylist and thought of the brand as a passion hidden by a hobby. In 2014, after 4 years of half being in the business, I decided to grow the brand by launching a more accesible and comercial line of timeless designs of lingerie and bodysuits, that proved to be an amazing success in the Mexican Market specially in Mexico City. 


Dolly Chaps

105 €

Kim Ouvert Fishnets

62 €

Naomi Hipster with Harness

67 €

Kim Fishnet Socks With Holder

23 €

Colette 80's Knicker

33 €

Pia Knicker

35 €