Exposed Paris Tradeshow





We are committed to challenging the under-apparel industry to be less about sex and submission, and more about self-love and substance. We see the sense of being a woman as a source of strength. We ensure those pieces closest to the body not only feel natural, but are organically natural. We want to be known as the brand that reintroduces strength, style, self-love, and substance to the intimate apparel space.


Boom Organic Silk Soft Bra

116 €

Organic silk bikini

117 €

Soft Bra

117 €

Pow High Waisted Panties

65 €

POP Organic Silk Soft Bra in Champagne

115 €

ZAP Organic Silk Soft Bra

116 €

Bam Organic Silk Bikini Brief

60 €