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Just A Corpse


Just A Corpse

Just A Corpse is a luxury leisure and body-wear brand that draws inspiration from dance and fashion, two arts sharing a mutual starting point: the body. Its unique identity is a seamless blend of the two media characterised by individuality and vitality. It was created by a top model Valerija Kelava and Uroš Belantič, a Paris based fashion designer with extensive experience within the industry and the history of creating costumes for ballet troupes. With dance being their mutual inspiration, they embarked on an independent sustainable project where they connected with a family run manufacture from their home town of Ljubljana, with over 30 years of experience in producing personalised garments of impeccable quality for top athletes. For exercise at the barre or relaxing in a bar, Just A Corpse


Leotard Grès

230 €

Plushie Panties

60 €

Chevron Natural

135 €

Swan Leotard

70 €

Animalistic Leopardess Bodysuit

100 €

Eleanor Light - Red Cross Back Leotard

100 €