Exposed Paris Tradeshow





The ELSE spirit is effortlessly elegant, irresistibly feminine, timeless and true. Distinctive and personal, ELSE celebrates beauty for the everyday, through a harmonious balance of form and function, style and substance, grace and strength, and aesthetics with comfort. Employing modern techniques and using only the finest fabrics and lace, ELSE handcrafts every piece in its own private Istanbul-based atelier to the highest standards of quality.


Bohemian Tank Bodysuit

160 €

Urban Lace-Up Boyshort

80 €

Pointelle Bra

85 €

Rumi High Waist

65 €

Ivy Deep Décolleté Longline Soft Cup Bra

95 €

Boomerang Soft Triangle

78 €

Bella Bra

103 €

Amalfi Soft Bra

73 €

Amalfi Short Romper

155 €

Boomerang Bodysuit

175 €

Lolita Bodysuit

180 €

Petunia Strapless Bodysuit

165 €

Lace Up High Waist Boyshort

85 €

Lolita High Waist Brief

70 €