Exposed Paris Tradeshow





Founded in 2016, domestique is an atelier designing accessories and objects inspired by a reflection on desire and eroticism. Appropriating bondage-sadmasochism’s imagery, domestique transforms and elevates them into luxurious and cheeky accessories. Being design objects, erotic tools and fashion accessories, it’s the impertinent versatility that best characterizes our atelier’s spirit. Every domestique piece is conceived and manufactured in Paris. Our products are handcrafted in naturally tanned leathers and non-allergenic metals, highlighted by particularly detailed finishings.


Necklace Rouge Gorge Black

365 €

Chained Up Necklace

235 €

screw on pin

70 €

roped-up harness

260 €

Envelope Purse

470 €

O Ring Choker

275 €

Roped Up Key Holder

120 €

D-ring Bracelet

220 €

O-Ring Bracelet

220 €

Belt Pinson Black

365 €

Rope Alouette Black

260 €

O Ring Pin

30 €