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Chantal Thomass


Chantal Thomass

Chantal Thomass is a designer’s lingerie brand, the must for the luxury lingerie lovers. She reminds women that they could be attractive and seductive. Chantal Thomass is the only meaningful fashion designer brand with full symbiosis between the brand and her personality. The Chantal Thomass brand has a very special universe which may be defined by these words: Femininity, Sensuality, Chic, Glamour, Luxury, Seduction, Impertinence, that can be found in her collections of bras, merrywidows, garter belts, thongs, bloomers, bikinis, bustiers but also in her pantyhoses and stockings… An unlimited creativity that can be easily identified.


Culotte Noir Intriguante

90 €

Brassière Framboise Influente

90 €


50 €


85 €

Top Noir Frivole

125 €