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The name Baelle is the union of Barbara – “pour Elle”. It is inspired by a woman who enjoys the small pleasures of life, a woman who looks for something more ahead of her. Through the bath linen and lingerie, Baelle finds the perfect balance between beauty, elegance and seduction. Baelle, mainly uses natural and organic materials with the aim of satisfying the needs of the present generations, without damaging future resources. It offers lingerie and bath fashion treated in a sustainable way; Produced entirely in Spain with natural materials such as bamboo, cotton and silk. Traditional patterns, manual confection and attention to detail are essential principles of the brand. 


Mediterranean Ivory Bra

60 €

Egeo Ivory Bra

50 €

Bikini Brief Zircon - Cherry Red

50 €

Swimsuit Diamante Negro

120 €

One Piece Swimsuit Rubi

120 €

Top Emeralda

70 €

Swimsuit Perla Negra

128 €